International Gran Fondo Arava Cycling Festival

GRAN FONDO 130km/1414m

The unique course that was selected this year for Gran Fondo Arava 2021 is defined as a “desert experience with breathtaking views”: the Scorpions pass, the Great Crater, Zin canyon, the Road of Peace, all these and more make the event challenging and memorable.

The event includes a number of different sub-events:

  1. Gran Fondo International ARAVA – 130 km competitive.
  2. Gran Fondo International ARAVA – 130 km non-competitive.
  3. KOM / QOM “King and Queen of Scorpions” competition.
  4. KOM / QOM “King and Queen of Gravel”



Friday 23.4.2021
Will be dedicated to arriving and organizing. Participant’s registration kits will be distributed.

Saturday 24.4.2021 

Gran Fondo ARAVA will be held on two routes:
Gran Fondo 130 km long – will begin and end at the Sapir Center in the middle of the Arava. Circular route with competitive and non-competitive challenge from start to finish.
The Gran Fondo will feature the traditional Scorpions climb including a separate uphill measurement (Scorpions King/queen) as well as a paved and maintained 8km Gravel section.
Gravel sections that are integrated into road racing are becoming more common at many events around the world. The most famous and prestigious among them is the Strada Bianca (the white road) in Italy.
Along this section, technical crews will be deployed to assist anyone who needs to, a separate measurement will be made on this section only (King/qween of the Gravel) and will also provide transportation for those who do not want to ride it.
At the end of the route you will wait for a bicycle wash and maintenance station!

This route is Open to Tandam as well!


1. 24 km – Ir Ovot
2. 42 km – Scorpion’s pass
3. 64 km – entering gravel
4. 76 km – Zin factory
5. 97 km – Ir Ovot
6. 107 km – Hazeva

King and Queen of Scorpions

King and Queen of Gravel

Mini Fondo 56km/331m

The Mini Fondo is a great opportunity to be part of this unique event in a more relaxed way mainly on flat terrain.

56 km Mini Fondo with 331 meters of climbing, individuals, TANDEM, non-competitive.

Participation in Mini Fondo starts from the age of 14, with a proper bicycle and helmet.


1. 28 km – Idan
2. 47 km – Ein Yahav

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